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Oftentimes, homeowners spend money, time, and effort transforming their backyards into luxury outdoor living spaces only to leave them dark and desolate when the sun goes down. Back yards have always been the ideal place to entertain friends and family on a beautiful day, but nighttime gatherings rarely stay outdoors. With the implementation of and LED lighting for swimming pools and landscapes, this tradition has become quickly outdated. Lights are symbolic of celebration. A beautifully lit up pool always stands out at parties, get together and important celebrations. Our LED Pool Lights set the mood. Why not give our LED lights a try and see the difference they can make to not just your pool, but for the whole appearance of your garden at night.
LED pool and spa lighting has become the choice for lighting your water oasis not only for the color changing feature and convenience, but most importantly the efficiency of the LED pool lights. LED pool lights use 80% less energy when compared to other pool and spa lighting. Pool lights, as well as color LED pool lighting, represent the new wave in swimming pool style. For too long, homeowners let their swimming pools go to waste for 12 hours out of the day. Now, pools and landscapes can transform into bright, lively hot-spots for backyard nightlife. Color LED mood lighting in a pool can produce a soft purple glow for a couple’s night out in the back yard. In-floor pool lights can sprinkle lights elegantly across a swimming pool surface as the perfect backdrop for a formal outdoor gathering, such as a wedding reception. Colored spot lights around a swimming pool can create a dynamic, stage-like attraction, the perfect setting for large-scale backyard entertainment.
Our broad range of pool, spa, and landscape lighting system options can turn pleasant poolside evenings into magical nights in your back yard wonderland. Our lighting systems have been the brand of choice worldwide. That’s because we deliver the innovations, quality, reliability, energy-efficiency, and value pool builders and pool owner’s demand. Choose from dazzling color-changing lights as well as standard incandescent and halogen lighting for underwater effects, and landscape. Plus we offer niches and accessories to complete your pool lighting package.